Evercade reveals new retro console refresh alongside higher capacity cartridge

Evercade reveals new retro console refresh alongside higher capacity cartridge

Evercade has just revealed a refresh of its retro emulator devices, including a new mega-sized cartridge that they aptly call the “giga cart.”

Over the last few years, Evercade has worked to create retro gaming devices that emulate older titles through a cartridge-based system.

The Evercade EXP is our favorite retro gaming handheld of 2024, and now the company has revealed an updated version of it alongside a new Evercade VS console update.

On top of that, Evercade has put new emphasis on its cartridge system with a bigger version that holds more games at a time.

Evercade’s new Giga Cart offers larger storage capacity that allows the company to start offering larger, more modern retro games that were originally launched on a CD instead of cartridge. This will allow them to offer games from the Dreamcast, Sega Saturn, Sega CD, and maybe even the PlayStation One.

These will have a slightly increased cost, however, coming in at $24.99 — $5 more than the existing Evercade cartridge cost.

The new VS-R and EXP-R consoles come with support for these larger capacity cartridges, and the EXP-R handheld features a new lower price tag of just $99.99.

The EXP-R handheld and VS-R console is largely the same as its predecessor despite its added Giga Cart support. However, Evercade has had to remove the bundled Capcom games as well as HDMI out from the EXP-R, meaning you wont be able to play it through your TV or monitor.

Despite the changes, Evercade still has a leg up over other retro gaming consoles as they don’t walk the line between legal and illegal emulation. Companies like Namco, Atari, Codemasters, Team17, and DataEast are just a small number of the companies that have licensed its games to be made into an Evercade cartridge.

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