Every ACE SPEC card in Pokemon TCG Temporal Forces

Every ACE SPEC card in Pokemon TCG Temporal Forces

Looking to add something powerful to your Pokemon TCG deck? Here are all the ACE SPEC cards in Temporal Forces, along with a few tips on how to use them.

The re-introduction of ACE SPEC cards to the Pokemon TCG was big news for the competitive scene. ACE SPEC cards are notoriously powerful, and the line-up in the Temporal Forces expansion set offers some of the best ACE SPEC cards in Pokemon history.

Here, we’ll be going over every ACE SPEC card introduced in Temporal Forces and what you need to know about them – both from the perspective of a collector and of a competitive player.


Maximum Belt (154/162)

Every ACE SPEC card in Pokemon TCG Temporal Forces

Maximum Belt ACE SPEC Pokemon card.

To start, Maximum Belt is an exceptional card to have on hand if you know you’re going to be facing off against some particularly punchy ex Pokemon. It adds an extra 50 damage to an attack against your opponent’s Active Pokemon ex, which can make a huge difference in a match.

This card is classified as a Pokemon Tool. You can put as many Tools as you like on your Pokemon during a match, but you may only attach one Tool to each Pokemon. Importantly, you may only have one ACE SPEC card in your deck during a match, so go for this one if you want a damage boost.

In terms of value, this card is currently sitting in the realm of $13-15 on resale platforms. It’s not the most expensive ACE SPEC card by any means, but it’s worth hanging onto.

Awakening Drum (141/162)

Every ACE SPEC card in Pokemon TCG Temporal Forces

Awakening Drum ACE SPEC Pokemon card.

If you’re a fan of having Ancient Paradox Pokemon in your deck, this is one to watch out for. This card allows you to draw a card for every one of your Ancient Pokemon currently in play, offering you the chance to turn the tables in a match.

The blending of the Ancient Pokemon card style with the ACE SPEC card style makes this a visually interesting piece. It’s one of the less valuable ACE SPEC cards in the expansion set, but it’s worth picking up as a competitive player with a Paradox deck.


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Neo Upper Energy (162/162)

Every ACE SPEC card in Pokemon TCG Temporal Forces

Neo Upper Energy ACE SPEC Pokemon card.

Alternate Energy cards are always interesting and this particular ACE SPEC gem is no different. In fact, it’s the first ACE SPEC Special Energy card to be introduced into the game.

If this card is attached to a ‘mon, it gives Colorless Energy. However, if it’s attached to a Stage 2 Pokemon, it provides every type of Energy – but only 2 Energy at a time. It’s a slightly convoluted ability but it holds some wicked potential, and the actual design is nice and unique, too.

Hero’s Cape (152/162)

Every ACE SPEC card in Pokemon TCG Temporal Forces

Hero’s Cape ACE SPEC Pokemon card.

Health buffs are always a handy thing to have in a Pokemon TCG match and this particular card can buff up a Pokemon immensely.

Whichever ‘mon wears this cape gets a massive +100 HP boost, making it a lot harder for opponents to take them down. There are some truly creative ways that this can be used in matches, both for setting up big attacks or stalling opponents.

This is one of the more valuable ACE SPEC cards from Temporal Forces, sitting at a comfortable $13-15 resale price on most platforms. Top quality, graded iterations have the potential to sell for more.

Reboot Pod (158/162)

Every ACE SPEC card in Pokemon TCG Temporal Forces

Reboot Pod ACE SPEC Pokemon card.

While the Awakening Drum ACE SPEC card is for Ancient ‘mons, the Reboot Pod ACE SPEC card is for Future ‘mons. It looks incredible, too. The bright pink ACE SPEC design blends into the futuristic, pixelated design of this Item card.

The Reboot Pod card allows you to attach a discarded Basic Energy to each one of your Future Pokemon during a match. Being able to move Energy around freely is always a blessing in a match, and this card is a solid – if a little standard – piece to have on hand.

Prime Catcher (157/162)

Every ACE SPEC card in Pokemon TCG Temporal Forces

The Prime Catcher card is one that we saw getting a lot of use at EUIC 2024. It’s a powerful card and can be quite annoying to play against if you’re not prepared.

When you use the Prime Catcher ACE SPEC card, you can switch your opponent’s Active Pokemon with one of their Benched Pokemon. When you do this, you must also swap your Active ‘mon with a Benched one.

This is one of the best ACE SPEC cards to pull out of a Booster Pack right now. It’s performing well on the market at the time of writing, with a resale price in the realm of $30-40 online. Higher quality and graded cards have the potential to go for more, too.

Master Ball (153/162)

Every ACE SPEC card in Pokemon TCG Temporal Forces

Master Ball ACE SPEC Pokemon card.

Finally, this ACE SPEC card is a new version of an older one from the Plasma Blast expansion set. It’s simple yet effective, allowing you to search for any Pokemon, reveal it, and put it into your deck.

This card holds some competitive potential and it’s got a little value for collectors too, likely thanks to the vibrant color scheme and iconic design. Currently, you can get a copy of this card for around $6-8 depending on platform, quality, and grading.

ACE SPEC cards are a lot of fun to play with and they hold some serious potential for competitive players. If you’ve never used them in a deck before, now is a fantastic time to pick one up and add it to your current line-up.

If you’re looking to learn more about the Temporal Forces set, why not check out our guide to the most expensive cards? This expansion set offers a lot to love for investors and collectors who want high-value cards, as well as iconic, rare cards for art collectors too.

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