Everything we know about AMD Zen 5: specs, features, release date & more

Everything we know about AMD Zen 5: specs, features, release date & more

With the next generation of CPU tech from AMD on the horizon, we look at what we know so far about Zen 5, including specs, release date, and price.

Since the launch of the Ryzen series of CPU chips, AMD has emerged from Intel’s shadow to become a huge name in PC gaming. As a result, many are keen to see where the company will take the next iteration of its processor technology, the Zen 5.

We cover all the currently available information on these upcoming processors. As usual, much of this data comes via rumors and leaks, so until Team Red releases its official statements, it is best to take it all with a pinch of salt.

Zen 5 specs speculation

There is currently no confirmation on what the specs will be for the Zen 5 chips. Leaks indicate that the highest-end chip will have a maximum of 16 cores, which is the same as the top-end Zen 4 chip. Additional rumors point towards a limited improvement in clock speeds, meaning that it will be down to changes in architecture to produce those performance gains that gamers will be looking for.

Leaks from January 2024 provide a strong indication that the Zen 5 chips will have up to 30% more instructions per clock (IPC) compared to its Zen 4 predecessors. If accurate, this would be the largest increase in IPC the Zen chips have seen so far. Other rumors have suggested that the CPU cache for L1, L2, and L3 will all see increases and that Zen 5 will provide native support for faster memory.

AMD has confirmed that the new CPUs will use an improved version of its AI accelerator for AI-driven tasks. The Zen 5 chips will also feature the new RDNA 3.5 graphics architecture, providing more capabilities for onboard graphics without needing a discrete graphics card. This could mean that AMD is planning on phasing out entry-level GPUs and making onboard CPU graphics a more attractive and capable option for devices such as budget laptops.

Everything we know about AMD Zen 5: specs, features, release date & more

It has also been confirmed by AMD that they plan to keep the AM5 socket around for “As long as possible” and the Zen 5 chips will be compatible with the Zen 5 platform. This gives Zen 5 customers the option of saving money by buying a previous-generation motherboard.


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Zen 5 release date speculation

In January 2024, AMD stated that it planned to begin the rollout of Zen 5 sometime in the second half of 2024. Zen 4 was launched in September of 2022, so it would make sense for Zen 5 to also be officially launched around this time period, especially since it lines up with the Computex event.

The X3D chips with their specialist V-Cache have proved to be very popular amongst gamers, with the AMD 7800X3D CPU getting our pick as the best current gaming CPU. There are plans for the X3D CPU in the Zen 5 line, but it is expected that these will follow on from the initial Zen 5 chips as a mid-gen refresh, with a launch around Spring 2025.

Zen 5 price speculation

So far, there has not been any information on what price structure AMD plans to implement for the Zen 5 series of CPUs. As comparative data, here are the prices of the first four Zen 4 CPUs at launch.

CPU Price
Ryzen 9 7950X $699
Ryzen 9 7900X $549
Ryzen 7 7700X $399
Ryzen 5 7600X $299

Based on previous patterns, we can expect some slight price increases, especially for the high-end flagship chips, but the rough price ranges between each CPU will probably remain consistent.

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