Fallout 4 radiates more glitches than ever ahead of next-gen update

Fallout 4 radiates more glitches than ever ahead of next-gen update

As the Fallout 4 next-gen update approaches, the wasteland of The Commonwealth is covered with more purple texture glitches than radiation.

While the odd glitch is fairly common in a Bethesda game and is often seen as charming and funny, Fallout 4 is plagued not only by Ghouls and Super Mutants, but also by many textures and some game-breaking glitches.

Fallout 4 will soon receive a next-gen update, bringing performance enhancements and a small bundle of content based around the Enclave, including armor, weapons, and a new questline.

An example of the purple texture glitch has been posted on the Fallout 4 subreddit, as well as reports of several glitches, including ones that cause the game to crash on startup.

Haven’t played Far Harbor in about seven years, but it still looks as beautiful as ever
byu/The_DMcI123 info4

We know it’s an irradiated wasteland, but even the waters of Far Harbor don’t glow purple. Fallout 4 has experienced many glitches with the most recent update, as it awaits the upcoming next-gen update.

Reported glitches have occurred on all systems. This has included the game crashing on startup if certain DLCs are installed, purple textures on certain effects and objects, broken light texture flickering in specific environments such as Diamond City, the character creator menu not appearing when starting a new game, and an issue persisting on Xbox systems; achievements not unlocking.

It’s expected that the glitches will be patched in the upcoming Fallout 4 next-gen update on April 25, 2024. But, we’ll have to wait and see if the sizeable update brings more glitches with it.

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