Fallout fans declare the best casting choice from TV show – who’s a “good boy”

Fallout fans declare the best casting choice from TV show – who’s a “good boy”

Things may get ruff in the wasteland, but at least Fallout fans have figured out their pick for best actor from the TV series.

Normally, an adaptation of an existing story, be it a book or game, to a film or series comes with controversy, typically with the casting. However, This is not the case for the Fallout TV show though, which has received praise for a faithful adaptation of the Fallout games.

While the audience is still debating which character from the series is their favorite (our money’s on The Ghoul), everyone is already on the same page about which casting decision was the most nailed-on in the Fallout TV show. It may not be who you expect, but they still deserve a treat.

Whether you like the show or not can we all agree they nailed the casting for this character?
byu/abandoned_puppy inFallout

The Fallout TV series is not without controversy, mainly because of the appearance of New Vegas in the series, which pulls its canon status into question in some fan’s eyes. The acting chops presented on all fronts cannot be questioned, but fans say good ol’ Dogmeat stole the show even if she is a different breed.

“I’ve already seen someone upset they used a Mallinois instead of a German Shepard. I think she absolutely nailed it” says u/OdeeSS on Reddit. Continuing the praise is @Unos_Eyepatch with “MY only criticism of Fallout? Not enough Matt Berry and Dogmeat” on X (formerly Twitter).

“Idk he could’ve been more convincing as a dog? He seemed a bit monotone like he just strolled on set and read the script. Hope they recast him next season. Maybe someone with experience.” criticizes u/throwawayaccount_usu on Reddit. I suppose you can’t please everybody.

We can praise Walton Goggins for his embracing performance as Cooper The Ghoul, Aaron Marten’s great job portraying Maximus, and, of course, Ella Purnell’s fantastic showing as Lucy. However, the fans have spoken, and all pale in comparison to the excellent performance from the good boy that plays ‘CX404’, aka Dogmeat. Truly a perfect cast for the role of our faithful canine companion.

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