Fallout TV series soundtrack is coming to vinyl — but there’s a big catch

Fallout TV series soundtrack is coming to vinyl — but there’s a big catch

If you still can’t get enough of Fallout, the TV series is releasing its soundtrack on vinyl — but there’s something you should know.

Prime Video’s adaptation has been hailed by critics and fans alike; not only did it recapture the essence of the Fallout games, but it was a brilliant series in its right, and already one of the best TV shows of 2024.

World-building, performances, action, and fan service; it was all spot on. But its soundtrack is particularly worthy of praise, with reliable bangers like The Ink Spots’ ‘I Don’t Want to Set the World on Fire’ and Glenn Miller’s ‘In the Mood’ among its massive tracklist.

The Fallout show’s soundtrack is officially coming to vinyl — but it’s just the score, composed by Game of Thrones and House of the Dragon’s Ramin Djawadi, rather than the songs.

The double LP, colored like Vault-Tec’s blue-and-yellow jumpsuits, features 21 tracks (including the franchise’s iconic theme). It’s available to pre-order now (and if it’s out of stock, it’ll likely be available via other retailers, so keep an eye out). You can check out the track listing for each side below:

Side A – 18:42 approx

Side B – 18:07 approx

Side C – 16:46 approx

Side D – 19:15 approx

If you want Fallout’s songs on vinyl, you have a few options: you could create your own record, you could source one of the high-quality bootleg releases out there on the internet (although these can go for eye-watering prices, pre-warning), or you’ll just have to find singles for each track.

“I hope we get an album of licensed songs. I know it’d cost a bit to license the tracks again, but they’d earn back what they spent tenfold,” one fan wrote after the vinyl’s reveal. “As cool as this is, I suspect a lot of people are gonna mistakenly think it has the licensed music on it,” another wrote.

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