Fallout x Overwatch 2 crossover concept leaves fans wanting more

Fallout x Overwatch 2 crossover concept leaves fans wanting more

Have you ever wondered what a Fallout x Overwatch 2 crossover could potentially look like? Check out this collab concept featuring a Mercy skin.

Following the hype and success of Fallout’s TV series which brought the spotlight to its games, fans are now jumping the gun to reimagine what a Fallout crossover looks like in other games.

We’ve already seen the Fallout x Fortnite concept earlier, given that the game is well-known for its crossovers. But what would a Fallout crossover look like in the Overwatch 2 universe?

One user in a Reddit thread shared their concept of “Nuka-Girl Mercy” — a skin inspired by Nuka-Girl in Fallout. For context, Nuka-Girl is Nuka-Cola’s promotional character or mascot in the game, who appears in advertisements and posters.

Fallout x Overwatch
byu/RenDesuu inOverwatch

Just like Nuka-Girl, Mercy’s Caduceus Blaster has been replaced with a red raygun in the concept. She also wears a tight, low-cut spacesuit with matching black gloves and heeled boots. In addition, her wings received a tweak, appearing in red instead of white like in her original skin.

Meanwhile, the tip of her Caduceus Staff is made of the Nuka-Cola drink itself. Based on the concept, instead of emitting the regular damage boost sound effect, this would trigger “fizzy-sounding” noises.

And after “every refreshing heal,” there would be a “bottle cap sound effect.” I imagine this would work the same way as the Pink Mercy skin, as you can hear a little “ding” sound after fully healing a teammate, which is a nice touch.

Seeing this, players in the comments were keen to see more of the Fallout x Overwatch 2 concepts, and some even added their own ideas. 

Ghoul Cassidy and Vault Dweller 76 were some of the most upvoted ones, though one argued Ghoul Junkrat would be cool too, especially considering his lore suggests he’s “already a bit irradiated.”

Meanwhile, others suggested Power Armor Reinhardt, Super Mutant Roadhog and Winston, Assaultron Echo, and sentry bot Orisa.

Personally, I’d love to see Power Armor D.Va. Seeing that she already has a mech, the concept could be interesting — maybe even paired with a fusion core weapon charm to reference its source of energy. 

Alternatively, as one player suggested, Nuka Cola D.Va with her mech resembling the vending machine also looks pretty solid.

So far, Overwatch 2 has collaborated with One Punch Man, LE SSERAFIM, and Cowboy Bebop, among others. If a Fallout x Overwatch 2 collab ever happens, it’d be cool to see some of these player ideas come to light. Maybe even with an added limited-time arcade mode that pits you against creatures in the Fallout universe to spice things up.

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