Fallout x Sopranos fan-made series has resurfaced on YouTube and it’s too good

Fallout x Sopranos fan-made series has resurfaced on YouTube and it’s too good

The Sopranos blew us away with an outstanding dramatic story following Tony Soprano, head of the Soprano crime family, as he attempts to balance his family life & being a career criminal. But what would happen if he was in the Fallout universe?

The Tony Soprano x Fallout crossover is one that seems a bit out there at first glance, but his actions in the show fit unnaturally well into the encounters players would have in the wasteland.

Normally Tony would need to deal with some small family issue causing trouble in his home, or needing to deal with a snitch. Now he also needs to deal with radiation and Deathclaws as a fan puts poor Tony into Fallout: New Vegas.

Created and originally posted by IGotSilver on YouTube, a video titled “Escaping a Deathclaw in Fallout New Vegas” features New Jersey gangster Tony Soprano, of The Sopranos, running for his life through from all the dangerous mutant creatures of the Mojave desert.

The original clip brilliantly edited into Fallout: New Vegas is of Tony and Johnny “Sack” Sacrimoni awkwardly running away from the FBI, who’s closing in on them, appearing as surprisingly as the Deathclaw does. The episode’s form is called “All Due Respect,” which appears as a quest completion prompt in the video; fantastic.

Woke up this morning, went to New Vegas. Mr. House always said you be the Courier. Things don’t go so well for Tony Soprano in the Fallout universe. Gabagool? More like Gaba-ghoul!

Joking aside, it’s a bit uncanny how well Tony Soprano fits into Fallout. His reactions to the show are a surprisingly good fit for the dangers of traversing the Mojave.

We all like to act like we can perform gracefully under pressure, but if a 10-foot-tall mutant lizard with razor-sharp claws were sprinting at you, you’d run away like an aging mobster with severe anxiety, too.

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