FF14 Dawntrail update makes drastic change to character models

FF14 Dawntrail update makes drastic change to character models

The benchmark for Final Fantasy XIV’s Dawntrail expansion has been released and fans aren’t happy with a change made in the graphical update.

One of the most highly anticipated new features in Final Fantasy XIV’s upcoming Dawntrail expansion is a graphical update that will affect all aspects of the game. This update will initially be restricted to the new areas introduced in the expansion, with the rest of the game being updated in future patches.

Fans can check out some of Final Fantasy XIV’s new visuals for themselves, as a benchmark has been released for Dawntrail. This benchmark will test your computer’s specs to see if it can handle the new look.

The benchmark comes with a character creator to show off the new female Hrothgar race. Fans have quickly discovered an unwelcome change made to one of the other races by using the benchmark.

The prominent fangs of the Keepers of the Moon variant of the Miqo’te race have been trimmed, with the only option now being a much smaller and blunter version. Fans have taken to the FFXIV Reddit and Square Enix forums to express their anger over the change.

“I’ve never used the forums before, but I had to come here to echo my disappointment in my Keeper’s fangs,” another user wrote, “They should be longer and a bit sharper. Everything else has been an amazing upgrade, but if this goes live as is, I’ll be incredibly sad. The fangs bring me a little bit of extra joy whenever I get to see them in-game. Give me back my fangs!”

Fortunately, the release of Dawntrail is still a few months away, and the benchmark isn’t necessarily representative of the final game. The benchmark intends to test hardware, but it does not accurately depict every aspect of the game.

If the change to Keeper’s teeth is permanent, however, then fans need to make their voices heard and get them switched back. Getting rabbit boys and cat girls took years of outcry, so the Miqo’te players have to fight for their canines right now.

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