FFXIV’s graphical update has a terrifying surprise for Lalafell players

FFXIV’s graphical update has a terrifying surprise for Lalafell players

Final Fantasy XIV’s graphical update has a terrifying new surprise for Lalafell players, a new set of teeth that transform them into a Dolphin of nightmares.

Final Fantasy XIV’s Dawntrail has a new graphical update that has players excited. The next expansion dropping on July 2, 2024, will bring a heap of new content to the game, including a refresh to the game’s looks.

With a fresh coat of paint on the MMO, players are excited to see their Warriors of Light in a new setting, new expansion, and in a completely new style. The graphical update will also include changes to the game’s models and various locations.

Recently the benchmark for Dawntrail was released to the hands of the excited player base, who were keen to jump in and see their WoL reimagined. This was a frightening experience for Lalafells though, who discovered their model had been changed a bit more than they originally thought.

Lala evolving into dolphin? I can’t unsee these teeth
byu/SnurbleberryTart inffxiv

The graphical update for Dawntrail changed the way Lalafell’s teeth would appear. Instead of curving around the outside of their mouth, they curved inward, giving a terrifying new look that makes the little potatoes even more cursed.

Now instead of a gaping black hole for a mouth, Lalafells have a weird space in between their teeth and their mouth, which ends up looking incredibly uncanny.

The benchmark is not fully representative of the end result coming in Dawntrail and is simply a means for players to test their performance in the new expansion. This means that the new Lalafell teeth and other updated models may not make it to the final product, but it seemingly has players terrified of the little guys.

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