Flight attendant reveals why they kick passengers off planes

Kawter Abed

Flight attendant reveals why they kick passengers off planes

TIKTOK: jeenie.weenie

A popular content creator and former flight attendant went viral on TikTok after sharing reasons why you could be denied boarding on a flight.

Sandra Jeenie Kwon, a former cabin crew member known as jeenie.weenie on TikTok, took to her platform to share nine reasons why passengers might be removed from a plane before takeoff. 

“While boarding, if a flight attendant can sense that you might be a little sick and about to puke, they can deny you boarding,” she said. “I know some of you like to drink before a flight but just remember if you look way too drunk, we can deny you boarding.”

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One unexpected reason cabin crew may remove passengers from the flight is if they arrive barefoot. Sandra added on a more sensitive note: “For our larger passengers, if you cannot safely put on your seatbelt with an extender, the flight attendants can deny you boarding.

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“If you look really pregnant like really really – and you don’t have a doctor’s note to prove how many weeks you are or if you can fly, they may deny you boarding.”

The content creator also revealed that flight attendants can refuse boarding to passengers with strong body odor or those carrying items that smell really bad.

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Another reason you may get kicked off the plane is if you dress “inappropriately.” She added: “Some airlines will actually deny you boarding if you’re wearing something a little bit too sexy.”

Lastly, Sandra shared that cabin crew can remove passengers from a flight if they are disrespectful towards them and urged everyone to “be kind” to those around them.

Many viewers took to the comments to share their thoughts. “Some of those rules are unfair,” one person wrote. “These all sound fair enough except barefoot,” another said.

“As a person who gets motion sickness and usually takes connecting flights, the first one is kinda unfair but I have never experienced this rule,” a third commented.

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This is just the latest flight-related video to go viral on TikTok after Spirit Airlines flight attendants were praised for their “hilarious” toilet paper game before takeoff.

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