Fnatic qualify for MSI 2024 in miraculous comeback against Team BDS

Fnatic qualify for MSI 2024 in miraculous comeback against Team BDS

Fnatic were down two matches in their best of 5 series against Team BDS to determine which team will be going to MSI, and they managed to take the full reverse-sweep victory despite getting stomped in the first two matches.

Fnatic have had very mixed success in the past few years when it comes to the LEC. Despite Rekkles’ return not working out and the team hovering near the bottom of the standings through most of 2023, they managed to bring things back to qualify for Worlds last year and have only improved since.

However, haven’t looked like a dominant team for a long time. Always flopping at internationals, consistently losing to G2, and crumbling as a team when it matters most.

But, when the chips were down against Team BDS and MSI 2024 qualification was on the line, Fnatic brought back a best of 5 series from the brink by winning 3 games in a row to end BDS’ chances at MSI.

Fnatic founder Sam Mathews even tweeted “Plz wake up now. Can’t take this.” during the series, with the first two matches looking exceptionally grim.

Noah in particular has been a huge factor for this team, with him pulling off a Pentakill in game 4 of the series to claw Fnatic back into the series.

However, G2 still waits in the finals as a team Fnatic historically hasn’t gotten the better of. They still have a long ways to go. But this was arguably the most important match for them to win for the sake of keeping their season alive.

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