Fortnite bug lets players “Rock Ride” using new mythic

Fortnite bug lets players “Rock Ride” using new mythic

A Fortnite bug is allowing players to ride a rock thrown using a new Avatar mythic in the game. Here’s how rock riding works.

Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 2 is full of powerful meta and interesting tricks players can do to claim the coveted Victory Royale. With new weapons, mythics, and weapon mods the gameplay has evolved significantly.

Similarly, with the v29.20 update, new Avatar mythic weapons were added to the game and there are certain tricks you can do with them to overpower your enemies. One such bug with an Avatar mythic now brings back the OG Rocket Riding and takes its own turn into Rock Riding.

A TikTok clip by lxsky_5 (via Forthnite IG) shows that using the latest Earthbending mythic, you can allow your teammates to ride a rock thrown using the Rock Throw ability of the weapon.

Fortnite bug lets players “Rock Ride” using new mythic

Players can easily ride a rock thrown using Earthbending.

The most optimal location to perform the Rock Ride is at a Scrying Pool since it consists of pillars on top of which your teammate can stand. Once they’re on top of the pillar, aim the Rock Throw at the foot of your teammate and ask them to time their jump to land on the large chunk of rock.

As soon as they’re on top of the rock, they’ll be able to travel a long distance, similar to Rocket Riding. However, falling off the rock can lead to fall damage and your teammate being knocked down.

Several players shared their thoughts on the bug and one player said, “Back in the day we called it rocket riding.” Another chimed in, “Pioneers used to ride these babies for miles.”

Rocket Riding was one of the most popular gameplay bugs during Fortnite Chapter 1 as players used to share hilarious clips of themselves launching their teammates and throwing them off the map. With the addition of Earthbending, Fortnite players can experience the OG days while riding on a rock this time around.

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