Fortnite called “soft” after adding feature to block “confrontational” emotes

Fortnite called “soft” after adding feature to block “confrontational” emotes

Fortnite is rolling out a setting that allows players to toggle “confrontational emotes” off in a decision that is being called “soft” by some members of the community.

Fortnite has been trying to make the game more family-friendly since partnering with LEGO at the end of 2023. This includes limiting certain cosmetics from game modes and creator maps.

The upcoming April 23 update will go a step further by limiting what emotes are deemed as “confrontational.”

“We want emotes to be a source of good vibes, but a few (cough Take the L cough) can sometimes feel a bit overly confrontational. Tomorrow’s update will introduce a new Confrontational Emotes setting to toggle visibility on these Emotes,” the official Fortnite Twitter/X shared on April 22.

This feature aims to prevent emotes like “Laugh It Up”, “Take the L”, “Whipcrack” and “Make It Plantain” from being shown if it is toggled on.

The community has already started sharing their thoughts on the new update. With a majority of the fan base calling the decision “soft.”

“What’s the point, who’s getting offended by emotes lol,” said Fortnite creator PeQu.

“LMAO we are so doomed,” agreed former Fortnite streamer CourageJD.

Fortnite notes that this setting won’t prevent players from using any emotes. This is unlike the changes made to cosmetics which will prevent their usage in certain modes.

However, for those curious about turning this feature on after tomorrow’s update, it can be found in the social privacy settings. There will be three toggle options including never, from friends in party, and from anyone.

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