Fortnite Red vs Blue Prime Bottles sell for over $163k in auction

Fortnite Red vs Blue Prime Bottles sell for over $163k in auction

One of the winners of Prime Hydration’s Fortnite Red vs. Blue competition has since put up their winnings for sale, with the bidding price reaching absurd numbers on an eBay listing.

Back in January, Logan Paul and KSI teamed up with Prime Hydration to create an official map in Fortnite.

In the map, players would drop into a Red vs. Blue format, where they’d use turrets to mow down the competition, while towering versions of the well-known personas watched over the madness. Players at the top of the leaderboards would win official Prime merch, limited items that wouldn’t be sold in stores.

One of the winners has since come forward and listed their rewards on eBay UK. The listing for the bundle said: “These were won from the Fortnite X PRIME event / Tournament over 100,000 were beat in order to win these bottles from PRIME themselves!”

Fortnite Red vs Blue Prime Bottles sell for over $163k in auction

For the sum of £131,700.00, or $163,775.54 USD equivalent, one lucky bidder netted themselves the rewards from the challenge, which included an official Prime bag and the Red vs. Blue Prime bottles, full and sealed.

Rather shockingly, or not-so-shockingly if you’re well-versed in the Prime Hydration madness, the set earned over 202 bids, with one lucky winner nabbing the coveted bundle for what works out to around $54,600 bucks a bottle.

Considering an average bottle of Prime goes for around $2.50-$3.00, these bottles were sold at around a 20,000% price increase over the average bottle on a shelf.

This isn’t the first time a huge bounty has been put up for Prime Hydration. Late in 2023, fans of the energy drink could line up and try to crack the code for a solid gold Prime bottle worth around $500k.

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