Fortnite x Fall Guys delayed until Summer 2024 after roadmap reveal

Fortnite x Fall Guys delayed until Summer 2024 after roadmap reveal

The collaboration between Fortnite and Fall Guys for a new series of mini-games has been delayed until Summer 2024.

Epic Games recently had their 2024 roadmap for Fortnite on leaked 4Chan, revealing all the collaborations coming for the rest of the year. The leaked roadmap included a collaboration with Fall Guys, confirmed by Fortnite to launch in May.

Speculation arose about the leaked roadmap’s authenticity, but Billie Eilish’s confirmed Fortnite Festival debut lent it credibility. The Fortnite x Fall Guys collaboration initially had a release window between May and June according to the roadmap.

“We’re working on getting the Fall Guys beans ready for their big UEFN debut, but they need a little more time to cook. The beans will fall in Summer 2024.” said the official Fortnite Creators account on Twitter/X.

News of the delay was well-received by most of the community, who prioritized a bug-free and issue-free product launch. Buggy Fortnite updates have become more common, as explained by some.

“Damn if something Fortnite-related is getting delayed I can’t even imagine how many bugs there were lmao. Unless we’re finally gonna stop getting buggy messy updates.” said one user on Twitter/X.

Videos shared back in March by Fortnite revealed that the Fall Guys collaboration will focus on mini-games. The mini-games will be similar to what the original game already offers, but with some twists that make it original to Fortnite and its universe.

When Fortnite reveals the release date for the Fall Guys collaboration, we will be sure to keep you updated.

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