Fortnite x Fallout crossover concept has fans demanding collab

Fortnite x Fallout crossover concept has fans demanding collab

Fallout fans are demanding a Fortnite collaboration after a fan-made skin blew them away harder than an atom bomb.

While the Fallout TV series hits the world by storm, the gang from Avatar: The Last Airbender is avoiding the storm in Fortnite, though Fallout fans may want to pass on bending the elements in favor of dodging Mini-Nukes after a fan-made skin brings ideas of a Fallout X Fortnite collaboration to the surface.

On the Fortnite subreddit, u/DudeWheresMyWizard shared their design for a Fortnite X Fallout crossover with Jones in Vault-Tec gear and a Mister Handy by his side.

FORTNITE x FALLOUT: Vault Dweller Jones & Mister Handy (made by me!)
byu/DudeWheresMyWizard inFortNiteBR

Fallout fans in the comments are very much on board for a crossover with Fortnite, expanding on the idea of a potential crossover. One user replied with their own ideas for what should be involved in a Fallout X Fortnite event: “I can see a supersledge as the axe and a vertibird as the glider. Maybe the skin also has a togglable option where it makes the V.A.T.S. sound when looking down sights.”

“It would also be cool to get a Power Armor Skin. It wouldn’t even be that unrealistic considering the Family Guy chicken skin and the complete disregard regarding its size,” another wrote.

While an official crossover has yet to be announced, we can surely speculate what could come in a Fortnite X Fallout event.

It could use the settlement mechanics from Fallout 4 and the building from Fortnite to create a mass-building event. Instead of the storm, it’s the Radiation from the world closing in. Armor sets from the Brotherhood of Steel and Enclave with extremely powerful weapons appearing as Mythics. We can’t forget possibly including skins of the Fallout TV series characters.

If a collaboration between Fallout and Fortnite is in the works, we’ll have to wait and see what Bethesda and Epic Games come up with. It certainly would be the bomb.


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