Fortnite’s decision to remove Greek mythics with Avatar update backfires

Fortnite’s decision to remove Greek mythics with Avatar update backfires

Fortnite is facing backlash from players against their decision to remove Greek-themed mythic weapons with the latest Avatar update.

Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 2’s first major crossover with Avatar: The Last Airbender arrived this past week. A new questline, mini-pass, skins, and new mythic weapons based on the Avatar elements were added to the game.

However, with the addition of four new mythic items, Epic decided to remove the Greek-themed mythic weapons from the game until the collab event ends on May 3rd. The three vaulted items include Chains of Hades, Wings of Icarus, and Thunderbolt of Zeus, which were added at the beginning of the season.

Upon the announcement of the vaulting of these items, several players blasted Epic. One such player said, “It’s like Epic is purposely pissing people off now.” Another chimed in, “Could’ve kept the wings for movement at least.”

A third one wrote, “Hopefully the Avatar mythics will be worth vaulting these for.” However, several others commented in favor of Epic’s decision and said, “The first Epic W since Chapter 5? That’d be crazy. It took them 4 months to do.”

Another replied, “Makes sense. With all the bending types in-game having all of those in the mix too would be a lot of stuff to deal with.”

While players are understandably upset with Epic’s decision, it makes sense to vault them since the Bending Mythics are viable replacements for each. For instance, the Wings of Icarus that provided mobility have now been replaced by Airbending which serves a similar purpose.

For the Chains of Hades, Firebending is the perfect replacement that deals fire damage in quick succession to enemies and a slam that deals damage to a greater area.

As for the Thunderbolt of Zeus, Waterbending is a viable option instead since it is currently the most OP Avatar mythic in the game due to its ability to deal damage at long range.


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Since Epic has always had reasons to modify the loot pool to improve weapon balance in the Battle Royale, most of it is being currently done ahead of the FNCS 2024 season and playoffs which are well underway.

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