Fortnite’s Train needs major changes for players to “bring it back to life”

Fortnite’s Train needs major changes for players to “bring it back to life”

Fortnite’s moving Train needs some major changes as players are suggesting Epic additions to bring it back to life.

Train was one of the most surprising additions to Fortnite in Chapter 5 Season 1 that has stayed with the Season 2 Myths and Mortals update. The vehicle with a locked chest moves across the Battle Royale island providing players a free ride between POIs and free loot.

However, since the moving Train in Fortnite only serves these two purposes to the player, they’re calling the vehicle useless in Season 2 and are calling Epic to add more exciting features to it. In the FortniteBR subreddit, players have shared suggestions like, “A mod bench + launch pad would be so good.”

Do you have any ideas or improvements on your mind that could make this thing not absolutely useless.
byu/Oxik_4 inFortNiteBR

Another user wrote, “A single mobile reboot would be insane” while suggesting a reboot option on the Train that would cause chaos in late games. A third one said, “The main problem is it spends most of the match in the storm or is heading there soon. It needs multiple tracks and automatically switches to a route mostly within circles.”

A fourth added, ” Epic definitely needs to evolve Train and bring it back to life for us. Train is such a cool concept and yet so much potential is wasted.”

While the subreddit thread was pouring in from wild suggestions like “a turret on top”, several players suggested random Rift Encounters on the Train throughout the match which would keep things moving for players and would make gameplay faster.

However, an insightful user suggested, “Adding more wagons that would allow you to go inside. Make it more interesting visually, and change it every season for the season’s theme.”

While the Train currently on the Fortnite island still contains the Society symbols, players are calling for a crucial change that they believe is being ignored by Epic.

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