From Season 3: Where is Kenny? Script leak explained

From Season 3: Where is Kenny? Script leak explained

From Season 3 might be on the horizon for a little while longer, but where is Kenny? Here’s what you need to know about the recent script leak.

The creators of hit MGM+ show From must be realizing that fans are getting itchy feet ahead of Season 3. First released back in 2022, its second season aired in April 2023 — yet, a year later, there is no sign of a confirmed release for new episodes.

What is apparent is that From Season 3 is currently still filming. Picking up where things left off after the epic Season 2 cliffhanger, plenty of From favorites are likely to return, with updates suggesting that the storyline will be moving from beyond the confines of Fromville.

This also seems to be the case thanks to a new script leak courtesy of MGM+ themselves. But what does it mean, and where is Kenny in From Season 3?

From Season 3: Where is Kenny?

There are no confirmed answers for where Kenny is in From Season 3, but a recent script leak indicates that he could be leaving Fromville in search of Tabitha.

Currently, two key details lead us to believe more of the From storyline will be taking place outside of the township. The first is a script leak straight from From HQ, alluding to one of Kenny’s upcoming lines in Season 3. The line reads: “You guys worry too much. We’ll be back before you know it.”

Common sense suggests that staying inside of the township wouldn’t illicit such a response from anyone living there — though Kenny’s past experiences in the forest say otherwise. Following the events of Season 2, fans know that Kenny hasn’t been seen much in the township at all, and now there’s even more reason for him to stay on the other side of safety.

The Season 2 cliffhanger reveals that Tabitha has managed to escape from the township, waking up in a hospital after being pushed out of a window by a strange and scary young boy. At present, she has no idea where she is, which could lead Kenny to try to find her if they’re both on the same side of Fromville.


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Fans agree that finding Tabitha is the most likely scenario, with Kenny likely to accompany both Boyd and Jim in his official capacity. Other theories link back to Kenny’s previous time in the forest, potentially implying that he got lost following Sara’s recovery at the dungeon ruins.

There’s also a complete wildcard scenario — that the script actually refers to a flashback scene. Introduced to the show as Boyd’s deputy with a great deal of responsibility for his aging parents, there are still plenty of gaps in what happened before the events of From Season 1.

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