Game-breaking LoL bug is giving out far less experience than usual

Game-breaking LoL bug is giving out far less experience than usual

League of Legends’ newest game-breaking bug has players gaining far less experience than normal, gaining the attention of the developers.

A new bug has cropped up in League of Legends, one that results in players receiving far less experience than usual if they accidentally make the wrong purchase.

The bug occurs when purchasing and refunding a jungle item, which applies a debuff to you and reduces the amount of experience you receive from lane minions. This completely ruins the experience as you’re now at a permanent disadvantage for the rest of the game.

This bug only occurs to those who take the summoner spell Smite while not playing the jungle role, which means that it only affects a niche minority of the player base, but the severity of the bug has nonetheless caught the attention of a Rioter.

Riot Norak replied to the Reddit thread regarding the bug, asking for a replay and assuring they’ll look into it, causing many others to share their experience with the issue.

Players who purchased the jungle item by mistake and then refunded it were permanently given less experience from minions. This is likely due to Riot nerfing junglers experience from minions, which would then apply to players who bought the item accidentally.

Even when refunding the item, the debuff would be kept on the player, which essentially doomed the rest of the game for them.

With Rioters paying attention to the bug, it’s highly likely that this will be patched sometime in the near future, meaning we should see a fix for this in the upcoming Patch 14.9, which drops on May 1, 2024.

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