Godzilla Minus One will stream on Prime Video soon — but there’s a catch

Godzilla Minus One will stream on Prime Video soon — but there’s a catch

Godzilla Minus One officially has a streaming home: Prime Video, and it’ll drop on the platform soon. However, there is a big catch.

Nearly 70 years after Toho’s iconic kaijiu first stomped into Tokyo, the franchise reached its peak with Godzilla Minus One, one of the best movies of 2023.

While Godzilla x Kong has glorious monster fights to boot, Minus One recaptured the earth-quaking terror of the titular lizard king in terrifyingly immersive fashion — so much so that it took home the Oscar for Best Visual Effects, a landmark win for the series. Yet, fans have been left waiting for news on its streaming release after its record-breaking theatrical run.

Well, we have good news and bad news: it’s coming to Prime Video on May 3… but it’s only available to watch in Japan.

There is a workaround: while circumventing Prime Video’s geo-restrictions can be difficult, ExpressVPN should allow you to watch it. All you need to do is sign up, change your location to Japan, and start streaming.

It’s unclear if Godzilla Minus One will be added to Prime Video in the US or other territories, nor has any other streaming release been announced for the movie. The same goes for its Blu-ray release: an incredible boxset is coming to store shelves on May 1… in Japan, and there’s been no sign of an international physical media release date.

You can find out what we know about Godzilla Minus One’s Blu-ray release, as well as how Prime Video ranks as one of the best streaming services.

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