Goodbye Earth: Everything we know about the apocalyptic K-drama

Goodbye Earth: Everything we know about the apocalyptic K-drama

Netflix’s long-awaited K-drama, Goodbye Earth, takes the end of the world to new heights. Here’s everything to know about the show.

Goodbye Earth will tackle everyone’s biggest fear – living life on a countdown until the end of the world. The sci-fi dystopian K-drama has been met with high anticipation from fans since it was initially announced in 2022.

The storyline is promising, injecting nail-biting drama as the series’ characters know their time will soon be up. Netflix has done a decent job in recent years with the sci-fi K-Drama genre, from Parasyte: The Grey to Sweet Home and even Black Knight.

With the K-drama joining the list of newcomers from Netflix in 2024, here’s everything to know about Goodbye Earth.

Goodbye Earth: What is the K-drama about?

A once-peaceful city is struck with the brutal reality that it will be destroyed by an incoming asteroid and begins a countdown muddled with crime, destruction, and death.

Citizens of the city of Woongcheon are left shellshocked after learning about the worst-case scenario: an asteroid is on its way to Earth, and the Korean peninsula will be one of the main affected areas. With no other choice, a 200-day countdown begins. Every day, citizens now must live in fear, knowing their deaths will come soon.

During this time, everything descends into madness, with unriddled crime, protests, and soldiers working under their own rules taking over the city.

Goodbye Earth will focus on three main characters. Se-kyung is a middle school teacher who will do everything in her power to protect her students, even knowing that they will never get to grow up. Sung-jae is a priest who offers help and comfort in a time of need to his community, while Kang In-a is a soldier who provides aid to the fallen city. Intermixed is also Se-kyung’s boyfriend, Ha Yoon-sang. He rushes back to Korea to be with her.

Goodbye Earth: Who’s in the cast?

Hospital Playlist actor Ahn Eun-jin leads Goodbye Earth and the character Se-kyung. Read the full cast list below:

Based on the details of the K-drama on AsianWiki, actor Yoo stars as Se-kyung’s boyfriend. The character is a researcher at a biotechnology research institute in the United States. It’s unclear how Yoo’s storyline will be addressed in the K-drama. In 2023, the actor was under investigation for illegal drug use and halted a majority of his upcoming roles.

Goodbye Earth: When is the release date?

Goodbye Earth will air on Netflix on April 26, 2024.

The K-drama will have a total of 12 episodes for fans to watch. Its storyline is based on Japanese author Kotaro Isaka’s novel of the same name. Goodbye Earth is directed by Kim Jin-min, who has worked on other Netflix hits like My Name and Extracurricular.

Goodbye Earth: Is there a trailer?

Yes. Netflix released an official first trailer on April 11, 2024. Watch it below:

The official trailer depicts the moment citizens are told of their new reality and the clock starts ticking. Se-kyung is seen fighting tooth and nail to protect her students from getting hurt. As the asteroid gets closer, life becomes more precious and more dangerous.

Goodbye Earth will stream on Netflix and will be part of the must-watch series to stream this month.

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