Gypsy Rose slams “panini-pressed” TikToker for not having a man in viral rant

Molly Byrne

Gypsy Rose slams “panini-pressed” TikToker for not having a man in viral rant

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Gypsy Rose clapped back at an online critics, saying she wasn’t threatened by their antics because she had a man and they didn’t.

Gypsy Rose is going viral for a social media post she made about a TikToker who allegedly trolled her on the platform. 

In her online rant, Gypsy told the commenter that she was “so not threatened” by them. With a confident look on her face and a smirk, she went into detail about the man she is in a relationship with, Ken Urker.

“My man wouldn’t touch you with a ten-foot pole… and last time I checked, you don’t have a man.” She continued, “So it looks like you’re the one that’s panini-pressed… call a spade a spade, honey.”

Gypsy, who was wearing black lace lingerie during her spiel, also called the hater out for being mad because she’s the one who has a “Chad.” She was referring to the term that means a superior and confident male.

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Gypsy and her boyfriend Ken got together in March 2024 after she separated from her husband Ryan Anderson. She and Ryan were only together for three months outside of her seven-year sentence for the second-degree murder of her mom, Dee Dee Blanchard.

However, Ryan and Gypsy got married while she was in prison during a ceremony in 2022 after they became pen pals.

Much like her relationship with her ex-husband, Gypsy and her current boyfriend Ken met while she was in prison after he wrote her a letter in 2017. They then became “fast friends” and were engaged in 2018 when he popped the question during a prison visit. However, their engagement ended in 2019 when Ken called it off.

Though Gypsy went to bat for her man against the online hater, it is unknown what the commenter said to provoke her viral defense.

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