Helldivers 2 bug has some players missing out on big damage

Helldivers 2 bug has some players missing out on big damage

Helldivers 2 has had frequent content drops since its launch but several bugs related to desync are causing some players to miss out on big damage.

Helldivers 2 has a bizarre damage issue. Players who aren’t hosts of a lobby are more often than not at a disadvantage when it comes to how damage is dealt.

Take burning damage for example. The game has weapons that come with a perk called “Incendiary.” It deals additional fire damage right after shooting a target, which comes in handy to finish enemies off when they are at that last bit of health.

However, it doesn’t always work the way it’s intended, especially when you’re not the host of a particular lobby.

You can find several complaints on forums where players who are not the hosts of lobbies are dealing zero to negligible burn damage using their Incendiaries. Issues like this are an inconvenience, especially when you’re playing at a higher difficulty level where every bit of damage matters.

Ever since Helldivers 2 was released in February 2024, we’ve had a ton of new content in the form of premium Warbonds, which is really appreciated. But Arrowhead Games should also take note of annoying bugs that hinder the gameplay experience for players.

These issues have been brought up by the community in a Reddit thread where players say the “nonhost damage desync still doesn’t work for Damage over Time effects.”

The problems have some Helldivers 2 players opting to take a break from the game, hoping to return once the issues are resolved. In-game inconvenience, especially for a live-service game like Helldivers 2 where continuous changes and improvements would be a curse to its longevity.

The community appreciates when content is flowing non-stop, and Helldivers 2 devs are praised more often than not. But players are also willing to “wait a couple more weeks than usual” for an update in hopes balancing issues and bugs are ironed out.

As a fellow Helldiver on the subreddit says, “Stability is breaking at the seams and it’s beyond frustrating at this point”. Another highly voted opinion suggests: “This is still a thing? Mainly with the non-host damage issue. This needs to be a priority.”

Hopefully, Arrowhead will take this feedback and apply an overdue fix for desync issues.

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