Helldivers 2 CEO shuts down highly requested feature from players

Helldivers 2 CEO shuts down highly requested feature from players

Replying to community discussion on armor, Arrowhead’s CEO states transmog won’t be coming to Helldivers 2, as it “doesn’t make sense.”

Helldivers 2‘s armor system has been a constant talking point in the community for many reasons, one point being the lack of a transmog system, which lets players retain good armor perks while remaining stylish on the battlefield.

A Helldivers 2 player made their pitch for a transmog system in a reply to a Twitter/X post that shared how the developers could make meaningful changes to the in-game system.

It seems the conversation traveled far and wide, as Arrowhead’s CEO shut down the idea of a transmog system with an interesting reply.

“We are not doing transmog. It doesn’t make sense – equipment looks different because it has different effects. Swapping one for the other is like having an apple that tastes like bacon or the other way around.”

The reply was met with instant feedback from the player: “I’ll be honest, the armor is absolutely not distinctive enough for me to tell exactly what people are running and to know the perks from that.”

Plenty of other replies from Helldivers 2 players shared similar feedback, especially given that Pilestedt’s reply seemed to take the concept of transmog a bit too literally, as he focuses more on the look than the fact it’s for style and functionality.

The running theme was that the armor system feels like an afterthought. Given how much thought goes into team composition regarding stratagems and weapons on harder missions, the armor effects and bonuses have let players down.

If the stats portion doesn’t bother you, at the bare minimum, letting players change their armor color scheme would be neat to have.

Never say never to transmog however, as decisions like these may very well be in the works behind closed doors. Especially if we get the ability to rep Super Earth with additional cosmetic options in the future.

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