Helldivers 2 defense missions need more positive modifiers

Helldivers 2 defense missions need more positive modifiers

Defense missions are one of the few gameplay modes available to players in Helldivers 2. While this particular mission type is fun, they could do with a few more positive modifiers to make the experience more memorable.

Defense missions in Helldivers 2 are catered around protecting planets that are under the influence of Super Earth. This usually happens after a planet has been liberated and the community is asked to defend it from getting re-captured.

However, these defense missions have negative modifiers such as restricting your Stratagem usage. These negative modifiers are not fun and dampen the overall experience. Instead, there should be more positive modifiers that assist players, not hold them back.

There are a few reasons why this should be the case. The first one is that defense should always be easier when compared to offense. In the military, there is a saying that there is one defender for every three attackers. As a defender, you should always be at an advantage.

Secondly, the planets are in your control while defending.

Hence, it makes little sense that you are restricted from using Stratagems. Instead, Super Earth should be assisting you in making the defense a lot easier. Helldivers 2 is at its peak when you are blowing your enemies up using Stratagems. This becomes even more applicable in defense missions where enemies will swarm you.

In these tense situations, your Stratagems wreak havoc and destruction which is incredibly satisfying. If you are restricted from doing that, Helldivers 2 immediately loses a big part of what makes it so fun. Fans around the community also shared similar sentiments surrounding defense missions on Reddit.

It’s crucial to mention that this does not mean the developers should be making Helldivers 2 easy. They can add more environmental hazards where planetary modifiers such as an icy environment, or a volcanic environment affect you. However, defense missions in particular should not have artificial modifiers and the game should assist the players rather than restrict them.

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