Helldivers 2 desperately needs more urban planets & environments

Helldivers 2 desperately needs more urban planets & environments

Helldivers 2 is mostly set in open fields, forests, and deserts, but what it really needs are some urban planets.

In Helldivers 2, almost all fighting happens in open spaces. While that’s certainly a visually pleasing design, it’s time for close-quarter combat in urban spaces.

An urban setting would be amazing in Helldivers 2. For starters, it would add variety to the game. Such a city-based design means a complex layout with plenty of hidden corners. As such, players will have to be more cautious about their surroundings leading to new strategies, loadout management, and planning.

Additionally, the game could introduce challenges where Stratagems cause severe damage to the settlements putting more emphasis on using weapons while thinking of ways to use non-distructive Stratagems.

The whole idea behind Helldivers 2 is to fight against enemies who threaten Super Earth. Some of those enemies may decide to attack cities and towns as they will make for some valuable targets. It is also possible to introduce new game modes that will cater to the urban landscapes, bringing even more variety to the experience.

It does not have to be Super Earth either. The developers could introduce planets around Super Earth that also feature cities. Back in Helldivers 1, some biomes featured urban settings so expecting something like that in Helldivers 2 should not be too far-fetched.

An urban landscape could be an ideal way to inspire more variety in both missions and gameplay. Ultimately, walking between buildings, defending locations, and developing a strategy where stakes are high will bring the most out of the players. In fact, the community has echoed their similar feelings on Reddit.

The scale of Helldivers 2 is immense, but an urban setting will fit into the lore seamlessly. With the introduction of urban maps, the developers can establish a new way of playing the game, which could change the tide of Helldivers 2. 

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