Helldivers 2 devs stir up hysteria by teasing new Stratagems via meme

Helldivers 2 devs stir up hysteria by teasing new Stratagems via meme

Helldivers 2 players are speculating wildly about new Stratagems after the devs posted a simple meme online.

Arrowhead, the team behind Helldiveers 2 have proven time and again that they have their finger on the pulse. Leaning heavily into the game’s roleplay, they’ve fuelled fan conspiracies from flying bugs to mysterious alien snipers.

The eggheads of the Super Earth propaganda wing certainly know their audience, and they’ve hit the nail on the head once again with an unassuming meme that has players breaking out the tinfoil.

Using a tried and true format, the Helldivers 2 X account posted an image of a man struggling to choose between 2 Stratagems. It seems innocuous enough until you look a little bit closer.

Eagle-eyed Helldivers 2 fans have noticed that both Stratagem inputs depicted in the meme are not connected to any in the game currently. In true Helldivers fashion, many have elected to report the social media manager to the Ministry of Truth for “spilling military secrets”.

Most, however, are speculating about what these new Stratagems could possibly be. Initial hopes were that this had something to do with the new vehicles shown in recent leaks.

Unfortunately, those hopes were dashed by players a little more in the know, who explained that the particular sequences of the new Stratagem inputs hinted at a backpack and something akin to mines, given how they start.

“The first one looks like a backpack, and the second looks like a disposable emplacement of some kind,” one user explained.

Once that was clarified, users in the thread seemed to think that Arrowhead was asking them to choose which should be added to the game first. An obvious answer emerged with tens of commenters repeating the same thing: “Why not both?”

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