Helldivers 2 Illuminate leaks suggest big changes from the first game

Helldivers 2 Illuminate leaks suggest big changes from the first game

New models for the Illuminate in Helldivers 2 have leaked, and their differences from the original game are casuing a lot of speculation.

Helldivers 2 fans have been waiting eagerly for the release of the Illuminate, a third enemy faction that was present in the original game but has yet to appear in force in the sequel.

While there have been some hints like camouflaged ships watching from space and mysterious sniper shots being seen, the community has yet to truly encounter this group of creatures.

Now, with these new leaks showing off some of their character models, there is renewed excitement and debate as to what this race has been up to since the first game.

The biggest thing that the Helldivers 2 community has noticed with these leaks is that the overall appearance of the Illuminate is different from the original game. In the first entry, they were known for their advanced technology and reliance on science, reflected in a cleaner, more regal look.

Illuminate “Guy”
byu/IronS1ghts inHellDiversLeaks

But these new models show a more worn, religious look; it evokes a sort of Lovecraftian feel to their appearance.

This has caused some debate on the Helldivers 2 subreddit, where one user believes their time away has led to them finding something that “… promised them power and gave them some forbidden knowledge.”

It would explain why the Illuminate have taken so long to appear in the sequel since they were prominent in its predecessor. Perhaps they have been away, collecting knowledge and powering themselves up to come back stronger than ever.

There seems to be some more magical components for these characters, which is something we haven’t seen in either Helldivers game, so far.

Whether or not that will be the case remains to be seen, as the Helldivers 2 community waits for their first encounter with this faction.

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