Helldivers 2 is in dire need of new missions before adding more factions

Helldivers 2 is in dire need of new missions before adding more factions

Helldivers 2 needs to add a few more unique mission types before it considers releasing more factions as it risks eventually going stale.

If the likes of Call of Duty, Apex, Valorant, and even Overwatch have taught the gaming world anything, it’s that a great shooter game can last for years. However, to do so it needs to constantly bring groundbreaking ideas to its playerbase, and missions are exactly how Helldivers 2 can reach its full potential.

Currently, the missions feature rescuing civilians, destroying a certain amount of enemies, retrieving data, conducting surveys, and more, proving that the issue isn’t exactly with the number of missions, but their repetitive nature.

Depending on how you play Helldivers 2, you’ll likely increase in difficulty until you find the perfect balance between challenging and fun, as such the missions will usually stay the same, with small changes here and there. While the chaos is undeniably enjoyable, it can feel a little stale to destroy Terminid eggs for the third time in one playthrough.

As such, it’s clear Helldivers 2 needs some new, completely different mission types. These could come in the form of specific solo missions, certain city-based excursions, a task to rescue a team in need, or even stealth-focused adventures.

Random missions could appear on your world map when searching, or the team could be contacted by Super Earth for specific challenges, meaning soldiers can choose to accept them or move on if they have a certain Major Order.

As such, players would be given unique game modes throughout their experience which could help mix up repetitive missions and would also inspire different builds, weapons, and metas for players to explore.

The community ultimately feels the same way, with many sharing similar ideas on the Helldivers 2 Reddit, while also sharing what their ‘Special Assignments’ would look like, proving a similar idea to Super-Earths tasks.

Whether Super Earth intends to crack down on different missions is yet to be seen, but for Helldivers 2 to retain its playerbase, it’ll need to keep mixing up the experience for soldiers, past ever-changing Major Orders.

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