Helldivers 2 is underachieving with its subpar long-range weapons

Helldivers 2 is underachieving with its subpar long-range weapons

Despite its bombastic nature, Helldivers 2 should give more attention to its long-range weapons to provide a more balanced feel to the game.

The newest Helldivers 2 War Bond brought another DMR to the game in the form of the BR-14 Adjudicator, and once again, the long-range weapon is less-than-impressive.

This is another example of the game’s long-range weaponry not getting much love and falling by the wayside.

While the game certainly celebrates the up-close, run-and-gun, bombastic feel of short-range combat, there is room to include AR’s and DMR’s in the meta.

For awhile, the Helldivers 2 community has favored close-range guns like the Breaker, thanks to its power and solid accuracy for a shotgun.

Having this weapon be the defacto choice for a Terminid mission makes sense, as those bugs love to swarm in large numbers, and can get close to you in a second.

However, the Automatons are a different story and are where a long-range weapon can be a huge help.

Automatons will come to you, but at a much slower pace, and give you more chances to pick them off from afar. The only issue is that the game doesn’t provide a suitable weapon that is worth using from that range.

As a result, it feels like there is still an element of Helldivers 2 missing and a lot of weapons left to collect dust on the shelf.

This lack of love for the DMR’s and AR’s can be seen across the game’s community, such as the subreddit, where players are discussing the new Adjudicator.

“I had to double-take at its damage stat, yeah,” says one user, “Didn’t expect it to be very good as the Diligence is already barely meeting damage breakpoints with a much higher stat.”

They went on to say: “They are not beating the ‘They made a shotgun the best DMR’ allegations anytime soon.”

Another player goes so far as to say it feels like the devs have “some special love” for the shotguns, while having “some special hate” for the DMR’s.

Helldivers 2 is still an excellent game as it is, but it feels like it could reach a whole new level if there was more incentive to use these long-range weapons.

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