Helldivers 2 leak reveals “pure transport” APC vehicle

Helldivers 2 leak reveals “pure transport” APC vehicle

In Helldivers 2’s game files, one dataminer discovered a drivable APC vehicle with no exterior weapons attached.

Rumors about the hopeful addition of drivable vehicles in Helldivers 2 have been swirling for well over a month. Speculation first started cropping up right before Mechs became available as a Stratagem.

Players have also spotted inoperable APCs scattered across various maps. And it wasn’t even a month ago that one Diver randomly received access to a working APC for a limited time.

Of course, the constant teasing has left the community wondering when Arrowhead will add working personnel carriers to the game. The latest leak from a trusted dataminer just threw yet another wrinkle into the mix.

In the HellDiversLeaks subreddit, leaker IronS1ghts shared information about a new APC they found in the Helldivers 2 game files. Called Colony Rover, the vehicle in question is a Super Earth ride that “may be able to be driven by players.” This assumption is based on its placeholder animations and driving properties, the leaker explained.

Colony Rover (Vehicle)
byu/IronS1ghts inHellDiversLeaks

Most interesting is that the rover doesn’t have weapons attached to its exterior, making it – as one commenter described it – a “pure transport” vehicle.

According to IronS1ghts, Helldivers 2 players can currently spot the APC during certain missions, but all of them look destroyed.

If and when Arrowhead plans on adding drivable vehicles like the Colony Rover to the game remains to be seen. Even without weapons, such an APC would improve the moment-to-moment action.

Some missions require squads to travel long distances, especially for those who want to collect all Samples and complete every side objective. The introduction of a transport vehicle could make the fight for managed democracy much more efficient.

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