Helldivers 2’s Laser Cannon fails to deliver on OP status

Helldivers 2’s Laser Cannon fails to deliver on OP status

The Laser Cannon in Helldivers 2 might seem OP on paper, but it’s not very good when used in combat.

If you are a brand new player jumping into Helldivers 2, you might have your eyes set on the Laser Cannon. This weapon unlocks at level 5 and seems like something with many positives and no downsides. The Laser Cannon has a rechargeable magazine, infinite range, and no recoil.

It can reliably destroy towers, tanks, and parked drop ships as well. However, despite all these benefits, you’ll barely see anyone using the Laser Cannon as despite being overpowered, it will put you in a terrible position most of the time.

The Laser Cannon exposes you whenever you’re shooting at an enemy. When playing on higher difficulties, it will make you an easy target on the battlefield. Additionally, the Laser Cannon cannot stagger enemies, which is a massive downside when compared to the AMR. This makes it a poor choice against heavy devastators.

It is also important to mention that the Laser Cannon is the most effective when shooting at the enemy’s weak points. However, the weapon fails to function against heavy armor unless you are shooting at an enemy’s eye or vents. However, when in battle, shooting at weak points is difficult, making the weapon feel rather lackluster. The Helldivers 2 community also shared a similar experience on Reddit about why it’s rarely used.

Overall, the Laser Cannon is only good on paper. It has its positives and might seem decent at lower ranks, but as you progress, the weapon becomes a detriment to your team. The Laser Cannon will continuously put your survivability at risk, and make things difficult for you when fighting against heavily armored enemies.

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