Helldivers 2’s “undemocratic” Super Credits cheat won’t be around for long

Helldivers 2’s “undemocratic” Super Credits cheat won’t be around for long

A Helldivers 2 dev says Arrowhead’s aware of an “undemocratic” exploit that lets players farm Super Credits with ease.

Helldivers 2 players on PC and PS5 recently discovered a cheat that allows for the illegal attainment of in-game currency.

After gathering Super Credits, users on PC can force quit the game; PS5 owners just have to power down their hardware. The farming exploit works such that after completing this step, the player will return to Helldivers to find that they’ve retained the previously earned credits without finishing the mission.

Unwilling to abide such behavior, one person reported the glitch in the Helldivers 2 Discord. According to GamesRadar, the user in question tagged Arrowhead’s Community Manager and disclosed that “there are tutorials circulating on YouTube that explain how to farm Super Credits for free using a game glitch.”

“I hope you take my message seriously,” the Discord user continued after saying the “illegitimate method” damaged the merit of the community and the studio.

True heroes of democracy will be pleased to learn that the Helldivers 2 crew is well aware of the Super Credits exploit. One Community Manager shared as much in a response: “Hi! We’re aware of this undemocratic behavior. Thanks for doing your sworn duty and reporting it, though. Hooah!”

This comment suggests Arrowhead is already hard at work on a fix to rid the game of the farming glitch. There’s currently no word on when an update will go live, though.

Players who’ve taken advantage of the exploit shouldn’t feel alarmed by the news. Earning Super Credits isn’t too troublesome, after all. The currency can be found scattered around the map in missions, for example. In addition, players can unlock Super Credits by spending Medals in the free Mobilize Warbond.

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