Here’s the real reason why Starbucks gets your name wrong on your cup

Here’s the real reason why Starbucks gets your name wrong on your cup

There are some wild conspiracies out there as to why Starbucks gets your name wrong on cups, but the real reason is really quite simple.

If you have a name that is more than two syllables and have been to Starbucks, you probably know the embarrassment of getting a cup with a completely different name on it.

In fact, a lot of people just resort to using a fake name to avoid any awkwardness. As someone who used to work there, I can safely say that your barista definitely clocks when you are using a fake name, but we appreciate you trying to make our job easier.

Why do Starbucks spell names wrong?

Here’s the real reason why Starbucks gets your name wrong on your cup

Did you mean Erin?

Behind the bar at Starbucks is a loud place. With coffee machines grinding beans and steaming milk, ovens beeping, and maybe even a drive-thru headset covering one ear with your colleagues constantly chattering – it can be easy to hear a name wrong.

Asking someone for their name is awkward enough (especially if it’s someone who doesn’t know that this is a common occurrence at Starbucks and thinks you’re hitting on them.) So, your barista is rarely going to ask you to spell it out, they’ll most likely just wing it and hope they got something that sounds close enough to your name.

Also, since Starbucks has introduced labels on cups instead of handwritten identifiers, there are a lot of buttons to get through to get the drink right on the label, and what’s in the cup is more important than what’s on it.

The personal touch is a nice idea, but really, the name on the cup is so that the person making drinks can differentiate between the long line of pumpkin spice lattes that are all exactly the same. If it’s the drink that you ordered and it sounds kind of like your name; it probably is your drink.

Do Starbucks spell names wrong on purpose?

There are some far-fetched theories out there as to why Starbucks often gets your name wrong on the cup, including that they do it on purpose as part of a marketing ploy. The idea behind this theory is that the baristas will purposely write your name wrong on your cup so that you take a photo of it, post it on social media, and therefore create free advertising opportunities for the coffee giant.

Here’s the real reason why Starbucks gets your name wrong on your cup

Do Starbucks spell names wrong on purpose?

This conspiracy theory started when a Starbucks assistant manager told Cosmopolitan, “I don’t know if everyone does it, but when I asked my manager if she does, she admitted most Starbucks employees use it as a marketing tool. Most people aren’t going to post a photo to social media of a cup with their name spelled right.”

As someone who used to work at Starbucks, I can firmly say that I was never told to write names wrong on cups for marketing purposes. People are going to post photos of their Starbucks drinks anyway.

This conspiracy theory gained so much traction that a spokesperson for Starbucks had to make a statement to dispel the rumors: “We have never asked or directed any of our partners to misspell names of our customers for any reason.” It’s a fun theory, but one that doesn’t make sense when interrogated.

Why do Starbucks write names on cups?

Here’s the real reason why Starbucks gets your name wrong on your cup

Mark with a ‘c’

During my training at Starbucks, the main thing that was drilled into us about the ethos of the business was the idea of the “third place.” Starbucks wants their customers to feel like their branches are more than just coffee shops, they are like an extension of themselves. Your first place is your home, your second place is your work or social circle, and your third place should be a Starbucks.

This sentiment is evident throughout Starbucks’ entire ethos. Customers can sit for hours using free Wi-Fi and relaxing, and drinks are handcrafted and customizable so that they are personalized and exactly to your taste every time.

The names on cups policy is a natural extension of this, and Starbucks want baristas to know their regular customers by name and be able to have their drink all set up before they even order it.

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