Hidden Destiny 2 Onslaught mechanic makes farming Scrap much easier

Hidden Destiny 2 Onslaught mechanic makes farming Scrap much easier

Farming Scrap is essential in Destiny 2’s new Onslaught activity as it is required to purchase upgrades and this lesser-known strategy makes doing so much easier.

Scrap is used in Onslaught to purchase various upgrades around each map including turrets, tripwires, and decoys. These either defeat or distract enemies keeping them from damaging the ADU and prematurely ending the run.

A lesser-known strategy to farm Scrap is throwing ADU Batteries at the Advanced Defense Unit (ADU) to heal it while the ADU is already at full health. Doing so rewards 45 Scrap, triple that of what is normally received.

Those wanting to mix-max can also utilize a bug on Hunters where dodging with your Class Ability straight after throwing the ADU Battery will duplicate the battery. This can only be done once per battery but effectively doubles earnings to 90 Scrap per battery.

This alone may not sound like much but over 50 Waves it makes a huge difference. Ensuring that you do this will see your team earn thousands of extra Scrap which can then be used to get fully upgraded turrets and tripwires which are incredibly powerful in Onslaught.

Something to be aware of is that when depositing ADU Batteries, they have powerful magnetism making depositing them from far away easy enough. Just be sure to look up and throw them into the air as the magnetism will carry them to the ADU.

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