HisWattson announces permanent retirement from pro Apex Legends months after comeback

HisWattson announces permanent retirement from pro Apex Legends months after comeback

FURIA’s star ALGS player HisWattson has announced his permanent retirement from pro Apex Legends months after a surprise return to the competitive scene. 

Jacob “HisWattson” McMillin has announced he is retiring from competitive Apex Legends and stepping down from FURIA’s roster months after his surprise comeback. 

HisWattsone came out of his brief retirement on December 2023 for Year 4 after retiring back in July of the same year. And in the current season with a recently unretired Wattson, they’ve qualified for the Split 1 Playoffs LAN. 

However, as the LAN’s start date slowly comes into focus, Wattson announced he was leaving the roster and the pro scene once and for all. 

“Stepping down from the FURIA roster permanently,” Wattson tweeted. “Lots of reasons really, but the simplest is that I don’t enjoy it, and competing in Apex Legends isn’t what’s best for me and the people around me.” 

Wattson listed down some of the reasons he was stepping down. Financially, he said, it didn’t make sense for him to be competing as he makes substantially more money from being a content creator than from his time as a pro. 

Amongst his reasons was the mental toll it took to keep playing professionally, his social life being impacted by having to juggle his content and competitive careers, and not being able to pursue health goals because of his schedule. 

“Everyone is happy with the current scenario. Nobody got snaked. Nobody did anything wrong,” Wattson said. “The entire team will function better. I will be able to more easily pursue my physical, social, mental, and financial goals. This is what’s better for everyone.” 

Going into the Split 1 Playoffs, FURIA has been allowed to substitute Wattson, however, has yet to announce who will be substituting for him. 

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