How to get Devin Booker’s Operator skin in Warzone & MW3

How to get Devin Booker’s Operator skin in Warzone & MW3

Devin Booker’s Operator skin is on the way to Call of Duty, with Warzone and Modern Warfare 3 players soon able to rock a suited-up look of the popular NBA star. From when it debuts to how you can grab it, here’s everything you need to know.

It’s no secret NBA players love their video games. Whether it’s squadding up with streaming superstars or spilling the beans on their favorite loadouts, many pros at the highest level just so happen to scratch that competitive itch in CoD as well.

When off the court, Warzone is often a go-to title for many, and we’ve seen that fandom bear fruit in the past. Kevin Durant broke new ground in early 2023 when his very own custom skin arrived in CoD, and now, Devin Booker is following in his footsteps.

‘Book’ is on his way to the CoD store and we’ve got the full rundown on all there is to know.

When is the Devin Booker skin available in Warzone & MW3?

Devin Booker’s very own Operator skin arrives on Wednesday, May 1.

This release date was confirmed on social media a week prior, after a handful of teasers from the Phoenix Suns player. It falls in line with the expected Season 3 Reloaded update, so fans won’t have to wait long to rock the suited up look across Call of Duty.

How to get Devin Booker’s Operator skin in Warzone & MW3

Devin Booker’s Operator skin is set to feature as part of his very own bundle in the CoD store. Upon release on May 1, players will be able to purchase the full cosmetic pack to claim the unique skin for themselves.

While no pricing details have been confirmed just yet, the Devin Booker bundle is expected to fall in line with most other CoD store additions at 2.400 CoD Points.

What will the Devin Booker Operator bundle include?

For now, no further details have been revealed on Devin Booker’s full Operator bundle in CoD. However, if we look back at fellow NBA star Kevin Durant’s arrival in CoD, we can make an educated guess.

If history repeats itself, we can all but guarantee the Operator skin will be accompanied by at least one unique Weapon Blueprint, a custom Emote, a Charm, a Loading Screen, a Sticker, and an Emblem to boot. Though of course, there might be some surprises along the way too.


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Rest assured, we’ll update you here with further details once the bundle goes live on May 1.

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