How to get Metal Accelerants in The First Descendant

Sourav BanikHow to get Metal Accelerants in The First Descendant0Nexon

Metal Accelerants are essential resources in The First Descendant that help you craft different materials for your character. Here’s how you can get them easily and farm them to keep enough for future reserves.

The First Descendant is a free-to-play shooter game, but it requires a lot of grinding if you want to get things without spending real money. Descendants and weapons are locked behind several research materials which further require different resources for crafting.

Metal Accelerants are one of them and are used in crafting Descendants. If you’re wondering how to farm these crafting materials fast, then we’ve got everything you need to know.

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How to farm Metal Accelerants easily

Metal Accelerants are found in Munitions and Resource Boxes in The Sterile Land. They are very easy to locate and are scattered all over this region in Ingris.

Resource Rarity How to get
Metal Accelerant Standard Through Munitions and Resource Boxes in The Sterile Land

Since Metal Accelerants are of Standard rarity, you can find them in abundance no matter which difficulty setting you’re playing The First Descendant on.

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They get restocked all the time, so if you decide to move around and come back to the first box or crate you’ve looted, you’ll find it refilled with Metal Accelerants.

Sometimes, Albion Supply Boxes will give you Superfluid, which is another resource of Standard rarity.

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Use of Metal Accelerants

Metal Accelerants are used to craft Enhanced Cells, Spiral Catalysts, and Stabilizers. These are essential parts when you want to craft new Descendants in the game.

After choosing a starter Descendant, the campaign will ask you to craft Bunny. Metal Accelerants will come in handy during this process.

Now, when you try to unlock your third Descendant, let’s say you’ve chosen Valby, you’ll need to craft a Spiral Catalyst, which costs 270x Metal Accelerants. To craft Descendants and weapons in the first place, speak to Anais in Albion.

To help you work out the best Descendant to begin crafting, or the ideal weapon for your chosen playstyle, be sure to check out our best Descenant tier list or our weapons tier list.

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Alternatively, it’s vital you know the best build for either your current character or the other Descendants like Ajax, Bunny, Freyna, Gley, Kyle, Lepic, and Valby.

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