How to get minions in the FFXIV Yo-kai Watch event

How to get minions in the FFXIV Yo-kai Watch event

Yo-kai Watch has returned to Final Fantasy XIV once more in 2024, the reprised event brings back a tonne of minions and rewards for Warriors of Light fearless enough to gather them. Here’s how to grab them all.

Final Fantasy XIV has brought back the Yo-kai Watch event for 2024. Featuring a bunch of minions, weapons, and mounts to pick up, Warriors of Light should be ready to grind out FATEs and befriend their little buddies to reap the rewards.

Don’t know where to start? We’ve got you covered.

FFXIV: How to collect Yo-kai watch minions

In order to collect minions from the Yo-kai Watch event, you’ll need Yo-kai Medals. These can be collected by completing FATEs with the Yo-kai Watch equipped in your Bracelet slot. The Watch is a reward from the quest that starts the event, so ensure you’ve picked it up from the Poor-Heeled Youth in Ul’Dah first.

With the watch equipped, you’ll simply need to farm FATEs in any Heavensward or Stormblood zone, or from La Noscea, Thanalan, and the Black Shroud regions in A Realm Reborn.

This is the perfect time to level any lower-level jobs and your Chocobo. If you’re max level on all combat jobs, Blue Mage is probably the best class to take into these FATEs as certain spells like Hydro Pull are great for bunching up FATE mobs.

You’ll need to score at least a Silver or Gold rating on these FATEs if you want to collect a medal from them, so make sure you partake in slaying mobs or dealing damage to the boss enemy.

In total you’ll need to collect 48 medals to gather all the Yo-kai excluding your free first one, so this may take a bit of time depending on if other players are grinding out FATEs as well.

FFXIV Yo-kai Watch Event Minion Rewards

Once you have collected all the Yo-kai minions you’ll be able to pick up the Framer’s Kit for the event from Nohi in The Gold Saucer for MGP. Similarly, gather at least 13 Yo-kai minions and you’ll net yourself the Whisper-go mount for your troubles.

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