How to get pets in Grounded

How to get pets in Grounded

Obsidian’s Grounded is a fun survival adventure game that allows players to tame pets in the game and here is how you can get them.

The world of Grounded is filled with bugs, insects, spiders and various other creatures. Creatures like the Spider, Wasp and Mosquito are angry creatures meaning they will be hostile towards the player. Interestingly, the game has an Arachnophobia Mode to make the spiders less scary for players who might be arachnophobic.

While some creatures are hostile, you can befriend and make certain creatures your pets, specifically Aphids, Gnats and Weevils. So, here is everything you need to know on how to tame pets in Grounded.


How to tame pets in Grounded?

How to get pets in Grounded

To tame pets in Grounded, first and foremost, you will need a Grinder to be able to make the Slurry, which will then attract your pet. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to go about it:

Pet Slurry required Slurry recipe Pet bonus
Aphid  Plant Slurry 1 Plant Fiber Plant Fiber + Grinder +Aphid Friend
Reduced stamina drain rate while sprinting.
Gnat  Spoiled Meat Slurry 1 Spoiled Meat Spoiled Meat + Grinder +Gnat Friend
Increased glide speed with Dandelions.
Weevil  Mushroom Slurry 1 Mushroom Mushroom + Grinder +Weevil Friend
Reduced thirst drain rate.

Once you have crafted the Slurry, head to the creature’s location and drop the Slurry. Once the creature consumes the Slurry, you will get a notification that the creature has been tamed.

How to get a pet house?

How to get pets in Grounded

It’s not compulsory to have a pet house for your pet, but it is a cute addition.

You can build a Pet House anywhere in the world by using the following recipe:

One Pet House can only hold one pet at a time. You can change your pet’s name, track its stats (favorite food, species, effect provided, personality, happiness, times petted) and equip various attire for it.

How to get plant attire for your pets?

How to get pets in Grounded

There are a total of four pet attire to choose from.

As of writing, there are a total of four outfits you can put on your pet, each with its own effect. Here’s a breakdown of each one of them:

Attire Recipe Defense Resistance Effect
Lil Fire Helm X1  Fire Ant Head
X3  Mite Fuzz
6 75% +Max Health
Lil Black Helm X1  Black Ant Head
X3  Mite Fuzz
4 50% +Max Health
Lil Goggles X3  Grub Hide 2 25% +Max Health
Lil Red Helm X1  Red Ant Head
X3  Mite Fuzz
2 25% +Max Health
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