How to get Wugtrio in Pokemon Go and can it be Shiny?

How to get Wugtrio in Pokemon Go and can it be Shiny?

Wiglett and Wugtrio have finally made their way from Paldea into Pokemon Go, so here’s exactly how you can get the eel-based evolution in your party.

Pokemon Go players are now encountering Wiglett and its evolution Wugtrio in the wild, all thanks to the latest Pokemon Go event known as Rediscover Kanto. Wiglett and Wugtrio make their debut in Go as part of this event, hot on the heels of several other Paldean Pokemon popping up like Annihilape.

If you’re yet to bag yourself a Wugtrio or are just wondering how to fill out your Pokedex, we’re here to help you add both Pokemon to our arsenal.

How to get Wugtrio in Pokemon Go

Wugtrio is a Pokemon from the region of Paldean, introduced in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet. A convergent species of Dugtrio, the garden eel Pokemon Wugtrio appears to spawn in Beach Biomes. In Pokemon Go, there are currently three main ways to encounter Wugtrio:

There is no way to hatch a Wiglett or Wugtrio at present, and neither are they offered as rewards for Research Tasks or Battle League prizes.

How to evolve Wiglett into Wugtrio

How to get Wugtrio in Pokemon Go and can it be Shiny?

In Pokemon Go Wiglett evolves into Wugtrio when given 50x Wiglett Candy, so you had better get catching Wiglett to build up a stockpile of the resource.

If you’re hoping to catch several Wiglett to bag yourself a Wugtrio, Wiglett can be found in Beach biomes, which are another recent addition to the game as part of the Pokemon Go Rediscover Go event.

Can Wugtrio be encountered in the wild?

Currently, there is no confirmation that Wugtrio can be encountered in the wild.

But because it’s pre-evolution Wiglett can spawn for players, there is no reason to think Wugtrio would not be available. We’ll update this guide as more details become available.

Can Wugtrio be Shiny in Pokemon Go?

At the time of writing neither Wugtrio nor Wiglett can be encountered in their Shiny forms in Pokemon Go. Players will have to wait for a future event to unlock their Shiny variants.

When it becomes available, Shiny Wugtrio is easy to spot, swapping the normal version’s red body and white nose, for a bright blue body and a yellow nose.


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Pokemon Go Wugtrio stats, moves, resistances, and weakness

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Wugtrio is a pure Water-type Pokemon, based on the garden eel. Much like its convergent species Dugtrio, Wugtrio also has three heads that appear out of the rock that makes up its main body.

Wugtrio has the following stats in Pokemon Go:

Fast Moves

Charged Moves



Pokemon Go Wugtrio stats

Attack Defense Stamina CP
205 136 111 2142

That’s all we have on Wigtrio in Pokemon Go for now, but for even more great Pokemon Go guides head to the links below:

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