How to remove and replace PS5 console covers

How to remove and replace PS5 console covers

Wondering how to remove the PS5’s covers? We run you through the process of how to remove and replace your PS5’s covers so you can equip your console with a fresh new look.

The PlayStation 5 is a pixel-pushing machine, but not everyone is a fan of the chunky white console’s design. For those not into it, you can replace the default white console covers with official or aftermarket designs, as both covers on either side of the PS5 are easily removable.

From official Sony PS5 console covers, to the Darkplate 2.0 lineup from Dbrand, there are a ton of plates to choose from. If you’re itching to give your PS5 a makeover, we’ve outlined how to safely remove, and replace, your PS5 console covers below.


How to remove top PS5 console cover

Turn off and unplug your PS5 console before removing the top and bottom side plates. This includes any extra peripherals attached to the front-facing USB ports on the console. Unplugging your PS5 will allow you to place the console on a secure surface, giving plenty of room to remove the plates.

Like gaming PCs, the internals of your PS5 console can get very hot. So before you attempt to remove the side plates, ensure your console has had time to cool down.

Once the PS5 has cooled down, place it horizontally on a secure surface. The small PlayStation logo should be in the top right corner.

How to remove and replace PS5 console covers

Take your left hand and place it on the bottom left corner of the console, and place your right hand on the top right corner. At the same time, push up and towards the left. With the right amount of force, the top plate of the PS5 will pop off.

How to remove bottom PS5 console cover

With the top cover removed, we can now remove the bottom plate too. With the PS5 still on a secure surface, flip the console over to its sitting horizontally, with the disc tray on the top left-hand side. If you have the digital version of the console, the USB ports found on the front of the console should be facing upwards.


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Place one hand on the bottom left-hand corner of the console cover, with your other hand on the top right-hand corner. Like before, push up and towards the left. With the right amount of force, the top plate of the PS5 will pop off.

How to remove and replace PS5 console covers

Before replacing the console covers of your PS5, use this time to clean your PS5. Like gaming PCs, dust can get trapped in the PS5’s fans, and surrounding crevices of the console.

How to replace PS5 console covers

To replace your PS5 cover, place the new console cover on the appropriate side of the console, and push down and to the right.

When replacing your PS5 console cover, ensure you begin with it slightly left of the side you wish to place the cover. This will slide the new replacement console cover into place. 

How to remove and replace PS5 console covers

To make sure it’s been attached properly, you should hear a click when it’s securely put in place.

Where can you get alternate PS5 console covers?

How to remove and replace PS5 console covers

In the four years since the PS5 launched, Sony has released several official console covers. These covers, available for both the launch and PS5 Slim disc and digital-only models, come in various colors and designs so you can personalize your PS5.

To match the wider range of DualSense controllers, you can currently pick up console covers in Volcanic Red, Sterling Silver, Cobalt Blue, Galactic Purple, Nova Pink, Starlight Blue, Grey Camouflage, Cosmic Red, and Mightnight Black. Sony also released limited edition Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 console covers, to tie in with the release of the Insomniac game.

While there’s a varied range of official PS5 console covers, there’s also an abundance of third-party console covers. Dbrand, known for its hardware accessories, has its “Darkplaces 2.0” range, which features a range of differently designed console covers, and additional to choose from.

Get the PS5 Arachnoplates cover from Dbrand

Unlike the official Sony PS5 console covers, the Darkplate 2.0 range has mesh vent filters on either side. These vent filters match up with the internal PS5 fans, to help with airflow and ventilation.

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