Humane AI Pin rival claims their much cheaper alternative is actually faster

Humane AI Pin rival claims their much cheaper alternative is actually faster

A comparison video between the viral Humane AI Pin and Rabbit R1, tested by the Rabbit founder, shows that the premium AI pin can’t match the performance of the R1.

The ongoing critiques for the Humane AI Pin aren’t ending soon. After a poor review rating from popular tech YouTuber Marques Brownlee (MKBHD), a video comparison of AI Pin and the Rabbit R1 shows that the cheaper competitor beats it fairly.

A video shared by Rabbit’s founder and CEO Jesse Lyu shows that the two competing devices are pitched against each other and that the AI Pin’s response time is way longer than that of the R1 in similar conditions.

He asks both the devices a series of questions with the AI Pin and R1 accessing the internet over a 4G cellular network to search for the answers. While the Humane pin was about a second or two slow in responding to basic questions, it was up to 5 seconds late in responding to follow-up and slightly complex queries. For some questions, though, both devices took a similar time to respond.

The two devices are similar as they both rely on AI to come up with responses to the queries thrown at them. They, however, have a different form factor, and while the Humane’s AI Pin is compact and a wearable device, which Lyu isn’t 100% onboard with, the Rabbit R1 is a handheld device resembling a foldable flip phone.

That said, some of Lyu’s opinions may be biased as he is talking about a competing device’s flaws. We will have to wait for more independent reviews and comparisons of the two devices to see the difference in performance.

Lyu is seen using a test unit of the $199 Rabbit R1 compared to the retail unit of Humane’s AI Pin, which is priced at $699 and has a monthly subscription of $24 for an unlimited data plan.

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