Ice Poseidon reveals he’s banned from Mizkif’s Iron Forge gym

Ice Poseidon reveals he’s banned from Mizkif’s Iron Forge gym

Kick streamer Ice Poseidon says he’s been banned from going to Twitch star Mizkif’s Iron Forge gym.

Earlier this year, Twitch streamers Mizkif and Knut opened up their own gym in Austin, Texas, and it’s already been the scene of some viral moments.

In addition to a female MMA fighter wrecking Mizkif with a spinning back fist, fellow streamer Pokimane even revealed that she might take up influencer boxing after sparring at Iron Forge earlier this month.

One streamer who will not be making an appearance at the gym, however, is Ice Poseidon, who revealed that he is banned from the venue and risks being charged with trespassing if he shows up.

“I’m banned from there. They told me I can’t go in there. Moises asked, ‘Oh, can me and Ice go in and stream? And they’re like, ‘No, Ice is not allowed in there.’ Alright, well I don’t give a f**k,” he said. Despite his friend urging him to show up anyway, Ice respected the gym’s wishes.

“I can’t go in. It’s like a trespass,” he explained. “They told me I can’t stream or go in at all. I didn’t give a f**k about going in anyway, but Moises has been wanting to stream there. And they said Ice is not allowed here.”

While this might be news to some viewers, Poseidon clarified that he actually has some issues with Mizkif, which a few fans speculate might be the reason for him being banned from the 24/7 gym.

“No surprise to be honest. Me and [Mizkif] have beef,” Ice added. “It’s kinda funny they gave that ban message to Moises too, because he didn’t do anything.”

Mizkif and Ice Poseidon have had some history. In 2022, Ice Poseidon leaked DMs with Mizkif that showed the Twitch streamer saying racist and homophobic slurs. This came in response to claims by fellow streamer Adrianna Lee that Mizkif and Maya asked her to cover up crucial information pertaining to an alleged sexual assault by Slick.

As a result of the leaked DMs and the allegations, Mizkif was put on leave by OTK so an investigation could be filed. He would return in early 2023 after the investigation was unable to find evidence that he had covered up the alleged assault. He also apologized for the comments, which he called “reprehensible.”

It’s not clear if Mizkif himself or a gym staff member decided to ban Ice Poseidon and his friend, but it doesn’t seem like the duo have any plans on trying to work out there at the risk of the police being called.

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