Invincible Season 3 has already reached a major milestone

Invincible Season 3 has already reached a major milestone

Invincible Season 3 is currently in the works — and going by its latest production milestone, fans can rest easy knowing there won’t be another massive gap between seasons.

When Invincible premiered in 2021, it was an incredible, grotesque breath of fresh air; coming off the back of MCU mania and the success of The Boys, it proved there was an appetite for R-rated superhero content.

Season 2 took two-and-a-half years, plus an extra mid-season break that rubbed fans the wrong way — however, it was worth the wait, and Robert Kirkman and co. are already hard at work on the third season.

It’s broadly expected that Season 3 will arrive sometime in 2025. An exact release date hasn’t been confirmed, but development is clearly well underway — because it’s already finished voice recording.

In a recent X/Twitter post, the show’s official account shared everything it knew about the next season. “Should be sooner than Season 2. Voice acting is already complete,” it wrote.

In a featurette released after the Season 2 finale, Kirkman said he “could not be more excited for Season 3… I’m all about Season 3.

“I think that there’s so many pieces that have been put in place in season two that we’re going to build on in Season 3 and so many different ways that we’re going to expand the show and push the show even further.

“We want every episode to feel like it’s a finale. Season 3 is an absolutely huge season with so many crazy things that you won’t expect. And where we leave things at the end of Season 3… oh my god, I cannot wait for people to see that stuff.”

You can find out everything else we know about Invincible Season 3, and our ranking of the show’s 10 strongest characters.

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