Is Adin Ross quitting Kick? Streamer sparks retirement rumors

Is Adin Ross quitting Kick? Streamer sparks retirement rumors

An alleged statement from Adin Ross is going viral online, claiming that the streamer is retiring from Kick – but fans aren’t sure the announcement is real.

On April 17, fan account ‘Adin Updates’ posted a lengthy statement claiming that Kick streamer Adin Ross would be retiring from streaming immediately.

Adin Updates, who claims to not be “impersonating” Ross, tweeted to their 104.9k followers a statement with the caption, “Adin Ross with a message.”

The announcement read: “Today, I stand before you with a heart full of gratitude and a head full of memories as I embark on this journey called retirement.”

The post went on to thank Ross’ fans and fellow streamers. “First and foremost, I want to thank my incredible fans… to my fellow content creators and colleagues, thank you for the camaraderie, the collaborations, and endless laughs.”

Fans of his have since commented their thoughts about a world without one of the most popular Kick streamers.

“His streams helped me out of a hard place after my mom died. I hope this isn’t true and that he continues to stream in the future,” said one viewer. “Nooooo my king,” quipped another. 

Many others questioned if the statement was truly from Ross. “He didn’t write this lmao,” wrote one viewer. “April Fools was 16 days ago,” agreed another.

Ross’ alleged retirement would come after five years of streaming, as he began his online career in 2018 when he first joined Twitch. Though Ross was banned from Twitch in 2023 for having a chat box open with offensive slurs, he moved onto Kick, where he soon became one of the platform’s most watched streamers.

His success on Kick soon led him to signing a 3-year contract this year worth millions. Despite “not talking numbers,” Ross made it clear that he was “re-signed” and that this year was “going to be crazy.”

Ross’ influence on Kick even swayed popular streamers like Amouranth and xQc to put Twitch behind them and make Kick their new home, with xQc famously signing a non-exclusive contract with the green platform to the tune of $100 million dollars in 2023.

Although rumors claim that Ross has supposedly retired from Kick and streaming as a whole, he has not yet confirmed that he wrote the statement released by Adin Updates, leaving fans anxious for answers.

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