Is Burger King discontinuing the Whopper after 40 years?

Is Burger King discontinuing the Whopper after 40 years?

Burger King has “discontinued” their famous Whopper in an advertisement in South Korea, but it could be coming back sooner than you think.

On Monday, April 8, an advertisement from Burger King in South Korea stated that Whoppers would no longer be sold after Sunday, April 14, sending fast food fans into a panic.

This week marks the 40th anniversary of Burger King’s staple item and this announcement had some fans feeling suspicious that the Whopper wouldn’t actually be gone for good.

Is Burger King discontinuing the Whopper after 40 years?

Burger King in South Korea announced they would be discontinuing the Whopper.

The ad reads: “Whopper sales will end after 40 years. We thank everyone who has loved the Whopper all this time.”

This sent a lot of burger fans into a frenzy, with some feeling disappointed, and others sure that it was just a marketing ploy.

Later in the day, the company issued another announcement reassuring everyone that the decision to cease Whopper sales was not a joke. However this time, it encouraged customers to expect various promotions planned in celebration of the Whopper’s 40th anniversary, hinting at a “revamp” of the Whopper.

Could the Whopper really be discontinued?

With The Whopper being Burger King’s biggest seller, it is unlikely that they would ever get rid of it. The fast food chain will most likely announce a new and improved Whopper in South Korea shortly, and it is unlikely that anyone in the US will have to say goodbye to their favorite burger any time soon.

Another Asian Burger King franchise has launched a special Whopper, which could be the explanation for this marketing ploy in South Korea. Burger King in The Philippines has launched a Truffle Whopper that keeps the same beef patty and bun but is topped with crispy onions and truffle mayo. Is this what fans in South Korea should come to expect next week? Or will they get another variation like The Texas Double Whopper that was launched in the States in 2021?

Although Burger King South Korea has not made it clear what they are planning, it seems that they are hinting at a revamped Whopper rather than discontinuing the burger altogether, especially since this announcement comes on the Whopper’s 40th anniversary.

Panic over, but a clever marketing ploy all the same to make fans appreciate what they have before it’s gone (maybe).

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