Is the Kaiju No 8 manga finished?

Is the Kaiju No 8 manga finished?

Kaiju No 8 anime is set to make a debut in Spring 2024 and its source material is one of the most prominent manga in the modern shonen genre. Let’s find out whether the Kaiju No 8 manga is finished or not.

Kaiju No 8 is a sci-fi action manga created by Naoya Matsumoto. The manga was first published in 2020 and found a home in Shueisha’s official platforms, Shonen Jump+, Manga Plus, and Viz Media. Currently, it is one of the top 20 books on Manga Plus.

An anime show of Kaiju No 8, which is being overseen by the renowned studio Production I.G., has now staerted on Crunchyroll as part of the Spring 2024 season. If you’re an anime fan who’s wondering if the Kaiju No 8 manga is finished, we have an answer.

Is the Kaiju No 8 manga finished?

Is the Kaiju No 8 manga finished?

The Kaiju No 8 manga is still not finished yet. It’s ongoing and releases a new chapter once every two weeks, with the exception of some scheduled breaks in between. The chapters of the ongoing manga are released simultaneously on Manga Plus and Shonen Jump+.

The story of the manga is set in a futuristic world where enormous monsters known as kaiju begin to appear in the world. Two different professions rise from these appearances. One of them is the force of elite soldiers called the Defense Corps  who kill the kaiju and the second one is the sweepers who clean the remains of the fights.

The protagonist, Kafka Hibino is a sweeper who aspired to become a member of the Defense Corps but failed. But when he encounters a parasitic kaiju on a fateful day, he finally gets the chance to fulfill his dream of joining the Defense Corps.

Throughout the story, Kafka and fellow soldiers encounter several enemies, including Kaiju No 9 who is the main antagonist of the story. However, the story is far from over and the manga will go on for quite some time.

How many chapters are there in the Kaiju No 8 manga?

As of April 4, 2024, the Kaiju No 8 manga has 104 chapters, with more to come once every two weeks. Currently, there are 12 tankobon volumes. With more upcoming chapters, there will also be more volumes to be released in the future.


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Throughout the 104 chapters, Kaiju No 8 covers 9 story arcs. The ninth arc, titled “The Last Wave Arc”, is the biggest arc of the manga series so far and is currently ongoing. 

So, this was the answer to whether the Kaiju No 8 manga is finished. The anime series will be released very soon. Until it does, check out our articles on “Is the Demon Slayer manga finished?”, “10 best Isekai anime you need to watch”, “10 best anime on Crunchyroll”, and “15 short anime that deserve more recognition”.

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